About Me
  • I live in Boston (by way of Atlanta, Chicago, and Salt Lake City).
  • I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Media and Screen Studies program at Northeastern University.
  • I watch a lot of film and television; I play video games.
  • I spend too much time thinking about how or why I can do X instead of Y to accomplish Z (aka “productivity porn”).
  • I often contemplate better uses for emoticons to convey emotion. So far: ¯⧹_(ツ)_⧸¯
  • I find the failure of (digital) technologies aesthetically beautiful.
  • I am interested by bodies and non-humans in visual culture.
  • I am a fan of cooking good food. I am a bigger fan of eating good food.
  • I am a good writer. I am an even better rewriter.
  • I am a skilled talker (fluent in at least three languages: English, Sarcasm, and a toss-up between Academic-Jargon and Profanity for the third).
  • And, in general, I’m a pretty cool guy.

I began teaching in the Media and Screen Studies program at Northeastern University after completing my Ph.D. work in Moving Image Studies through the Department of Communication at Georgia State University. Broadly, my research examines new media, film, and other artifacts that lend to various visions, versions and manifestations of bodies. My inquiries about bodies employ various methodologies and theoretical frameworks, placing emphasis on queer theory, critical/cultural theory, visual culture studies and phenomenology.

I am originally from Utah, where I graduated from the University of Utah in Gender Studies. I then studied at Northern Illinois University, where I finished my MA in Communication. Now I find myself living in Boston. I love school, I love learning, I love teaching, and my journey thus far merely points to the fact that I’m a masochist. On any given day you might find me sitting and writing at a coffee shop, playing video games, cooking (or watching the Food Network), or sitting at home playing with a random technological object.

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